Fishing 4 Numbers

Fishing for Numbers

    You would think it is so strange to put Lottery and fishing in the same sentence, but come to think of it; they do have a lot in common:

Chances and Odds:

What are your chances of netting the Big One?
    Are we talking fishing? Maybe, for all fishermen dream about that record fish that nobody ever caught before.
    Or are we talking lottery, because any lottery player hopes that some day Lady Luck will come visiting and..... Jackpot! that huge amount of money, which makes all other jackpots pale in comparison. In both situations: the spot light is all yours.
What about the Odds?
   In lottery; it is easy; 1 in X amount of tickets will win, it gets harder in fishing; no controlled conditions that you can guess against....And no way to control the weather!

Tools of the trade:

A fishing rod (ticket) and a bait (wager)....and you are set.

Catch, and release:

We do that in fishing as a sport; hook a fish, and release it back in the water. And if you are fishing in a lake with a certain amount of fish, chances are: You might hook the same fish again! The same applies to the lottery; hitting a number in a Pick 4 game, in a state (lake), with certain amount of numbers floating around (10,000 of them); chances are: You might hit the same number again!!

Fish travel in schools, So do Lottery numbers:

It is an instinct for the fish, strength in numbers, but it is a little unknown fact in Lottery: when a certain number hits; you should be on the lookout for its companions, which usually follow.

You do not have to change your methods of playing Lottery; Read, Learn and Improve on them!


Unless fishing is your line of work; or you are a professional gambler you will not consider making your daily bread out of them!

    Fishing and playing the lottery should start to look a like by now, so if you are game:
let us go Fishing :)