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The Mazk Touch Lottery Hits Home

How We Play

   Those are mere common ways we all play the lottery with; they are not intended to stereotype, categorize, or by no means offend anyone.

   My purpose for this site is to help players hit more numbers, and to beat the Odds of the Lottery, the more you learn the better your plays will be.

So if I missed some ...please feel free to correct me using this Form

That being said, here they are in no particular order:

Hit and Repeat Players

   They have a list of favorite numbers which they play on regular basis; some of them stick with the same list, some change the list slightly according to numbers drawn.

   The advantage of this way is hitting the same numbers whenever they are drawn however; the disadvantage is missing the chance to hit the rest of the numbers, and in the long run, they might spend more than they gain.

Quick Pick Players:

   They relay on their pure Luck and the Green Machine (or Red..or..) to get them thehits,they get lucky sometimes; but considering how much they spend on their bets and the Odds for the lottery games in general they do not fare well.

The occasional Players

   They play the lottery Whenever they hear of a certain number(s) being played heavily at the corner store, or when the Jackpot for the BIG ONES (usually Mega Millions and The Power Ball) hits record highs, and there is nothing wrong with that at all!

Play and stop Players

   They play the numbers for a while; if they hit, they keep on playing, but if they miss a lot ...they stop playing until the urge to hit again overcomes their frustration. And depending on how often they play, they might be occasional players in a way.

The Professionals:

   We all aspire to be one of them (that is jealousy on our part); they have the financial means to play, they hit more often than the average Joe(well..they play MORE than Joe)some of them consider the lottery a source of income, some of them do a lot of research, write lottery programs and make more money selling those programs to us but with the right tools: Joe can join them.

The Reasonable Players

   Here is where setting the limits on how much you spend on the lottery pays: they stick to a certain number of bets, if they can not afford it they do not play it. Their Motto is:" betting with your head and not over it"; which used to be a motto of a lottery agency.

The Objective Players

   You do not have to spend a lot to beat the Lottery, you read about the games you play, you research the numbers you have trying to find the good ones, you join lottery Groups and Forums, you have fun figuring out the winners and if you are good enough: predicting the next ones.
Your objective is to win constantly and reasonably, your income does not depend on winnings it is rather enriched by them!

And that is the reason you are reading this page up to this point!

   There is no magic involves in beating the lottery games no matter what shape they come in -or what the Odds are - it takes a little of hard work of course and a little of Luck but with both of them: your ships will come in.

© 2007 - 2009 The Mazk Touch

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