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Privacy Policy

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Our Commitment:

  We, at The Mazk Touch; place your privacy at the highest level ! We will hold Any and All of your personal information that you submit to us with utmost care,  and will use such information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy only.

  We will not sell, rent, loan, trade or otherwise share your personally identifiable information or a list of our subscribers to a third party.

. Our usage of Personal Information Collected Online:

  Our usage of your personal information is limited only to the purpose for which it is submitted by you, such as to reply to your emails, send you a Newsletter that you willingly subscribed to, or in the  processing of any inquiries or requests related to your participation and submissions to The Mazk Touch.

. Financial information privacy

  Any personal financial information collected at The Mazk Touch as a result of your participation in a payment of any kind is handled by PayPal, which to the best of our knowledge; have a very strict privacy and security polices. Please refer to their web site for further details. 

. Your rights

  Since your participation in and at The Mazk Touch is the matter of your choice, you have the sole right(s) to change or withhold any personal information,  and unless you specifically request ( by any means of communication with us);  we will not alter any information that you submit or already submitted..  You have the right to Opt-out of The Mazk Touch at any time, and at any circumstance(s) under which you feel that individually identifiable information collected from you online may be used when such use is unrelated to the purpose for which the information was collected.

. Access logs collected from our site

  The Mazk Touch website access logs are used to improve the quality and accessibility of our site.
In addition, we make no attempt(s) to link those logs to any personally identifiable source(s).

. Cookies

  The Mazk Touch does not  use cookies to enable access by any kind of browser(s).

. The Mazk Touch e-mail List(s)

  Are based on subscription only, we do not use Spam; neither obtain any of such lists through the use of solicitation or Spam.

Appendix I

 The Mazk Touch does not knowingly collect or maintain any personal information from individuals who are under the legal age for Gambling at their prospective State(s), and in addition, our web site do not contain any part(s) that are intended to target or attract such individuals.

Appendix II

 The Mazk touch Privacy Policy is modeled after the Guidelines for Online Privacy Policies provided by Privacy, and strives to conform to the outlines of : Elements of Effective Self-Regulation for Protection of Privacy set forth by the U.S.A government.