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Mazk Numbers

We are not in Kansas anymore !

   It is a whole different way to look at and play numbers; and you have to read about Mirror Numbers first to have an idea on How the Mazk Numbers work!

   You just replace the Digit with one of the Mazk Numbers; and considering that you have 4 Digits to replace; which leads us to at least 24 new numbers and opens a new field of plays, it is not an easy and automatic way to get the winning number; for it take practice and prior knowledge of the numbers drawn to choose which number(s) to play.

The List

  • The digit 0 is replaced with 9
  • 1 is replaced with 8
  • 2 is replaced with 7
  • 3 is replaced with 6
  • 4 is replaced with 5

Get used to Mirror numbers, And Mazk Numbers.... they pay BIG!


To change the number 6307:

==> 6 = 3
==> 3 = 6
==> 0 = 9
==> 7 = 2

And the output will be :

- Replacing the first digit only :3307

- The second digit only: 6607

- The third digit only: 6397

- The fourth digit only: 6302

We come up with 4 new numbers out of one, and that is replacing one digit at a time !

Here is where the Prior Knowledge of the numbers drawn in your state(s) comes handy; the average output for any given number is about 4-24 new ones .


Tue, Jan 15, 2008
Midday Result 5-6-8 Replacing all the Digits with Mazk Numbers will give us 4-3-1
Actual Result for Eve : 0-1-3 !
If you are a registered member at The Mazk Touch Joomla ; you can test those numbers with an Excel spreadsheet.

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