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Winning Ways

Lottery Lime    Before you start to read, I should advise you to a very important fact:
Lottery numbers use
Math; but they do not go by the traditional concepts of math all the time!
In Lottery, the digit 0 might not equal 0, it might equal 1, 5 or 9; or it might cause the digit 5 to appear. You will encounter words like: Sum,Root Sum, Mirror Numbers,Vtrac…etc, and no use of googling them….remember that Lotto and math are not quit the same. You will learn that Lottery games are creatures of Habit; and just like History; they tend to repeat themselves, but with practice and a lot of patience; all the pieces of that puzzle will fall in place and the next Draw will hold no mystery…only logical estimates!

The Ways

Mirror Numbers

   This concept requires you to think in a totally different level, and the definitions for the Numbers as you know them do not apply!
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Mazk Numbers

   You just replace the Digit with one of the Mazk Numbers; and considering that you have 4 Digits to replace; which leads us to new numbers and opens a new field of plays Read More »

Triples Trap

   This is a simple way to predict the forthcoming Triples in any given state and beyond that to All-States...
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Vertical Root Sum

   Most of us know about Root Sum, and how to use it, but we always use it in one dimension : Horizontal!
But how about the other dimensions? How about The Vertical!
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